I’m a design professional with experience in a variety of different fields. I’ve been a one-man show as an In-House Designer, and I’ve also worked as part of a collaborative team in an Agency setting. As a small business owner, I was responsible for understanding my clients and their goals, planning projects and executing on creative strategy. I wore many hats: Art Director, Account Executive, Copywriter, Accountant and Hiring Manager.
I am currently in a year-long contract with Google as a UI Designer.
Terry Cunha

Visual Designer

My specialties are Logos, Page Layout and User Interface Design. Nothing makes me happier than doing my part to rid the world of bad design.
(Well, maybe volleyball, but that's another story.)

Front-End Developer

Armed with HTML, CSS and Joomla! from my utility belt, I can take pretty designs and bring them to life. From Email Blasts and Landing Pages to full-fledged Websites, this designer isn't afraid of a little coding.

Problem Solver

I am able to wear many different hats, often at the same time, and still deliver high-quality results.
No challenge is too simple or too complex;
I get things done and problems solved everyday.

I'm Trapped

in a world of creativity
and digital awesomeness!

Recent Work

Sports Logo Showcase